Brand Communications

A brand is a set of attributes that define the value, and set of expectations, that Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute provides for everybody with whom it has or will have a relationship.

Successful branding helps people understand what we stand for, differentiates us from others, helps guide our strategic decisions, is consistently supported by our actions, and creates an emotional bond with stakeholders for a long-term relationship.

Our brand is a reflection of everything we do—not what we say we are or are going to do.

Our branding messages answer who we are, what value we provide to stakeholders, what we believe in, how we are unique and why this is important and impactful.

We want our brand to tell a story—a story of who we are as faculty, students, staff, and alumni and alumnae. A story of innovative pedagogical instruction, interdisciplinary and global-linked research and entrepreneurship, and a transformative student experience.

Our daily efforts to create and enhance a sustainable and differentiating brand position is driven by our goals to:

  • Establish a unique, compelling, and authentic position through the development of consistent messages and guidelines.
  • Create a common and consistent visual representation of the Institute that will form the foundation for our communications.
  • Communicate and promote our brand value to internal and external audiences consistently and comprehensively.
  • Support and directly reflect goals, fundamentals, and priorities in The Rensselaer Plan 2024.

Individually and collectively, our faculty, students, staff and alumni/ae represent the Rensselaer brand on a daily basis in their daily actions and attitudes, which differentiates us from other universities.

Establishing and communicating our brand clearly, consistently, and compellingly ensures that our primary internal and external audiences, constituencies, and markets have a firm understanding of how we are changing the world.

The Rensselaer Brand Guidelines highlight the key components important to the Rensselaer brand. It includes messaging and updated visual identity guidelines for multiple forms of media to use to communicate consistently with others about Rensselaer and who we are as we head to our 200th anniversary in 2024—and beyond.