Brand in Action

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is changing the world in a bigger, bolder way. As a key member of the team, you play an essential role in telling and re-telling our story to key audiences.

At Rensselaer, we have a history of excellence in undergraduate and graduate education, and a legacy of groundbreaking visionaries focused on global problem-solving. You have heard the phrase “Why not change the world?®,” however, there are many who may not be entirely aware of what Rensselaer has to offer. The significance of understanding and conveying the Rensselaer brand identity to prospective students, parents, alumni/ae, faculty, and staff, as well as donors, and leaders in government, business, and industry, cannot be overstated.

This is not a rule book. It is not about grammar. Think about this as a guide for how to effectively and consistently express your pride in Rensselaer. Use this document as a set of guardrails, so to speak, on an inspirational superhighway that will carry our story to the masses. We know you have the talent and creativity for the job. So take these cues on design, photography, and messaging, and run with them.

This is an exciting time for Rensselaer.
And you are a big part of it.

So bask in it. Then focus. Then create.