The Institute's Logos

Logo With Tagline

The Rensselaer logo is the single most important, most recognizable design element and is an important communication tool for the university. The logo with tagline is preferred but not necessary. This should be used on all marketing, advertising, and external materials. Minimum Height: 1 inch.

Logo Without Tagline

The Rensselaer logo without the tagline is primarily for internal publications and stationery. Minimum Height: 1 inch.

Small Logo

The small logo has been altered to read more cleanly at a smaller size. This logo should be used in any situation where it must be smaller than 1” in height. It does not include the tagline. This logo may be used on marketing, advertising, and external materials where a smaller size is necessary. This version of the logo is also appropriate to be used on websites or video. Maximum Height: 1 inch. Minimum Height: 0.25 inch.


Follow the link below to view and download approved logos. Only members of the RPI community with a Box account will be able to download logo files. Visit Box @ RPI to get your Box account if you do not currently have one.



For Embroidered or Screen Printed Materials: Need to use the logo smaller than 0.25 inch? Have questions from the printer or vendor? Contact Strategic Communications and External Relations (SCER) for assistance and direction.

Using Our Name: In a body of text, on the first occurrence, refer to us as “Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.” After the first occurrence we may be referred to as Rensselaer or RPI.

Wordmark, Seal, and Tagline

Pieces of the Logo: The Rensselaer logo includes the seal combined with the wordmark as well as the tagline, which is optional. Through consistent use, we can create a distinctive visual identity that is easily recognized, and that can be protected. The seal can be used alone, but the wordmark cannot. The wordmark should always be locked up with the seal.


Spacing: The Rensselaer logos are most effective when surrounded by as much open space as possible. A minimum amount of clear space must surround the logo at all times. The diagram below shows the appropriate clear space between the logo and other text or creative elements.

Incorrect Usage

Incorrect Usage: The Rensselaer logo should be reproduced exactly as it appears in supplied digital files. Consistent use of the logo is key to maintaining a cohesive and effective graphic identity for the Institute. If the logo appears in a variety of altered or modified forms, it becomes less reliable as a symbol of the Institute. These guidelines apply to all versions of the logo.