What Is Brand

Why is branding so important? It’s an outgrowth of our mission. It reflects the academic pre-eminence, core values, and dedication to leadership that form the fabric of our heritage.

A brand is not a logo, tagline, colors, TV commercials, or websites.

A brand is perception. More specifically, it’s the sum total of people’s perceptions and experiences—what they think, feel, and respond to when they interact with an organization. And branding is the intentional process of shaping that perception.

The Rensselaer brand is what students, parents, alumni, academic peers, partners, communities, and corporations think, feel, and respond to when they hear the words or see the symbols for Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

The Rensselaer brand has enormous influence. By building a stronger brand, we continue to positively shape the way people think and feel about Rensselaer, ultimately influencing:

  • Student recruitment and enrollment
  • Faculty recruitment
  • Alumni participation
  • Fundraising
  • Word of mouth and social engagement
  • Partnerships