Licensing Process

Each licensee shall submit, at the licensee’s expense, samples of proposed uses of the Rensselaer Trademarks prior to any particular use of a Rensselaer Trademark or other distribution to the public. Rensselaer shall have the right to object to any use within ten (10) business days of its receipt of a sample if Rensselaer in its sole discretion reasonably believes that such use of the Rensselaer Trademark will damage the goodwill of the Rensselaer Trademark, or if the samples do not meet the requirements of this Trademark Use Policy or the written agreement between Rensselaer and the licensee relating to such Rensselaer Trademark. No licensee shall use a Rensselaer Trademark until such particular use has been approved in writing by Rensselaer.

Licensee shall submit to Rensselaer for approval samples of all tags, labels, packaging, computer images, Web pages, and the like to be used in connection with any licensed product(s). Licensee shall remove therefrom or add thereto any element Rensselaer may designate from time to time, upon reasonable notice. Licensee shall submit to Rensselaer copies of any advertisements or promotional materials containing licensed Rensselaer Trademark(s) for Rensselaer’s approval prior to any use thereof, and remove therefrom either any reference to licensed Rensselaer Trademark(s) or any element that Rensselaer may from time to time designate, upon reasonable notice.