Contact Information

Richie Hunter Vice President, Strategic Communications and External Relations 518-276-2800
Pamela S Smith Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications 518-276-6549
Deborah Altenburg Director, Federal Relations, Washington Office 202-220-1324
Dana Yamashita Executive Assistant 518-276-2800
Chris Nolin Director of Community & State Relations 518-276-6175
Pat Parker-Casey Administrative Specialist, Washington Office 202-220-1320
Peter Grimm Director, University Events 518-276-6237
Cheryl McGlothlin Senior Event Planner 518-276-6608
Mary Martialay Senior Communications Specialist 518-276-2146
Julie Tracy Moynehan Senior Communications Specialist, Lally School 518-276-3053
Jessica Otitigbe Senior Communications Specialist 518-276-6050
Jennifer Carr Senior Web Producer 518-276-6668
Jill Evans Senior Web Producer 518-276-6667
Trish Galvin Communications Specialist & Trademark Licensing 518-276-6504
Lauren Marchese Graphic Designer (518) 276-2596
Meg Gallien Alumni News Editor 518-276-8574
Tracey Leibach Director, Periodicals & Editorial Content 518-276-3021
Monique Gleason Senior Communications Specialist, Student Life 518-276-3077
Josh Potter Marketing & Communications Mgr, EMPAC 518-276-8350
Lou Ann Griffin Business Manager 518-276-6197