Securing Approvals on Rensselaer Apparel and Giveaways

All of Rensselaer’s registered marks, as well as other names, logos, seals, and other symbols that are representative of the Institute or its entities, whether or not registered, are the marks and property of the Institute. A number of the marks of the Institute are registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. These include, but may not be limited to, the marks listed under Institute Marks.

Appropriate Use — The names and marks covered by this manual may be used only in connection with Rensselaer-sponsored or Rensselaer-sanctioned activities or materials. Rensselaer faculty, students, staff, and volunteers are expected to ensure that use of the Rensselaer name and marks meets the following criteria:

Appropriateness — Use of the Rensselaer name and marks in association with an event, program, project, publication, or product implies some form of involvement of the Institute. Involvement by individual faculty, students, alumni, or staff is not a sufficient basis for indicating Institute sponsorship or endorsement. The activity must be one in which the Institute has an institutional role.

Quality Standards —The name and marks of Rensselaer may be used only in connection with activities that Rensselaer, in its sole discretion, determines meet its high standards and are consistent with the Institute’s educational, research, athletic, and related purposes.

Quality Control and Review — The Rensselaer Trademarks may be used with, and applied only to those goods, services, and other materials permitted by the written agreement and only for so long as such products, services, and other materials meet the high standard of quality consistent with the level of quality reflected in Rensselaer’s own products and services. By means of example and not limitation:

(a) The Rensselaer Trademarks may not be used on, or in connection with any material that is pornographic or otherwise objectionable in light of Rensselaer’s reputation for quality educational, research and design products and services.

(b) The Rensselaer Trademarks may not be used on, or in connection with any material that libels or defames Rensselaer or any other person or entity.

(c) The Rensselaer Trademarks may not be used on, or in connection with any material that violates any state, federal, or foreign law or regulation.

(d) As a condition to the license grants, in connection with the manufacture, production, and sale of licensed products and components thereof, the licensee may not use any manufacturer that does not at all times comply with applicable laws, including, without limitation, labor laws, wage and hour laws, environmental laws, discrimination laws, and laws relating to a safe workplace. The licensee, and its contractors and agents shall adhere at all times to the following guidelines: (i) their workers can be no less than 15 years of age and not younger than the compulsory age to be in school; (ii) they may not utilize prison or forced labor in contractual relationships in the manufacturing and finishing of licensed products or their components; (iii) they may not use corporal punishment or other forms of mental or physical coercion; (iv) they must comply with local legal limits on work hours and not exceed them except for appropriately compensated overtime; (v) they must utilize less than sixty-hour workweeks, and allow all employees at least one day off in seven; (vi) they must provide wages and benefits that comply with applicable law and match the prevailing local manufacturing or finishing industry practices; and (vii) they must provide workers with a safe and healthy work environment.

Approval Questions — Questions concerning the proper office to approve use of the name and marks of Rensselaer may be directed to the Office of the General Counsel or the Division of Strategic Communications and External Relations (SCER). Questions concerning registration of trademarks or Internet domain names incorporating the words “Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute,” “Rensselaer Polytechnic” or “RPI” may be directed to the Office of the General Counsel. For information regarding the use of the Rensselaer name and marks on courseware distributed by videotape or other media, contact the Office of the General Counsel.

Prohibited Uses — In keeping with its legally-protected status as a tax exempt non-profit educational institution, Rensselaer may not permit its name and marks to be used in connection with partisan political activities.

Individual faculty, students, alumni, or staff may not use the name and marks of Rensselaer in association with any commercial activity or outside venture without written permission of a person authorized by Rensselaer.

Approval for Use — Responsibilities for monitoring the use of the name and marks of Rensselaer have been delegated as follows:

  • To the General Counsel or SCER for business activities of Rensselaer or by vendors (including promotional use) and for use in film, video, print, and electronic media, including the webpages of the Institute.
  • To the Provost for use in connection with educational and research activities, other than courseware and related materials developed for teaching at Rensselaer.
  • To the Executive Director of the Office of Intellectual Property, Technology Transfer and New Ventures for certain names and marks that are used solely in connection with the commercialization of Institute intellectual property under licenses administered by the Office of Technology Commercialization.
  • To the Athletic Director in connection with Institute interscholastic and intramural athletic activities.
  • To the Managing Director of the Rensselaer Collegiate Store in connection with products sold at the Rensselaer Collegiate Store and its website.

The Office of the General Counsel is responsible for protection, including the registration and enforcement, of the name and marks of Rensselaer.