Trademark Licensing Advisory Committee

The Trademark Licensing Advisory Committee supports the management and preservation of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (“Rensselaer” and “RPI”) brand image, reputation, name, and logos that promote and market the Institute. Committee members represent a variety of areas within the Institute and provide guidance to protect and ensure proper use of Rensselaer marks and names.

Specific responsibilities include:

  1. Support Rensselaer trademark licensing efforts by reviewing, as requested, the use of Institute trademarks on commercial products.
  2. Provide guidance for approval/disapproval of uses of Rensselaer trademarks on commercial products and other ventures for both domestic and international use. Periodically or as requested, review graphic concepts and samples of product type and quality, artwork, and/or usage of Institute name and mark.
  3. Support the goals of the Division of Strategic Communications and External Relations, Office of the General Counsel, Athletics Department, Division of Student Life, Alumni Relations, the Rensselaer Union, and other key individuals and portfolios with regard to contract compliance requirements of manufacturers or business entities, including e-commerce strategies, related to merchandise sales of licensed products for the Institute and the use of the Rensselaer name and marks.
  4. Support the oversight of all use of Rensselaer trademarks by schools, portfolios, centers, institutes, organizations, and individuals by Strategic Communications and External Relations and Athletics.
  5. Work with and receive guidance from Learfield Licensing Partners, the Institute's licensing partner and agent, to ensure the best balance of licensees, enforcement of restrictions, promotion of the Rensselaer brand both internally and externally, and coordination of the approval of any new Institute marks or designs.
  6. Support campus communications strategies concerning trademark management, including guidance on developing and implementing policies to promote Rensselaer licensed products.
  7. Support Rensselaer procurement policies, licensing infringement activities, and game day trademark enforcement activities to ensure retail shops and athletic venues are free of counterfeit product.
  8. Support the relationship of the Institute with trademark licensees and retail support partners in developing, approving, and implementing marketing materials that support their business and positively promote Rensselaer.