Trademark Users Guide

The Rensselaer name and its associated seals, marks, and symbols (collectively, “name and marks”) symbolize the high caliber of the faculty and students of the Institute and convey the quality and breadth of its accomplishments. The name and marks are valuable assets of the Institute. Faculty, students, and staff share in the benefits associated with the name and marks of the Institute, and therefore also share responsibilities concerning their use. The Institute is required by law to itself protect its name and marks actively from improper or misleading use by individuals or organizations not associated with the Institute. If it does not, the Institute risks losing valuable rights. Therefore, it must ensure that use of the name and marks by faculty, students, alumni, staff, Rensselaer programs, and others is appropriate. The following processes, which are excerpted from the Rensselaer “Trademark Usage Procedures,” are designed to indicate that the activity or product with which the name and marks are being used has the necessary approval for use of the name and marks and reflects appropriately on the reputation of Rensselaer.

Sellers’ Responsibility — Institute departments, centers, student, or alumni groups, or entities having academic or business relationships with the Institute, or faculty/staff/student/alumni organizations selling items bearing any Rensselaer names or marks for fundraising or other purposes, must acquire such items from a licensed supplier or be licensed themselves if they are self-producing the items or using a non-licensed supplier.

Design Review — The Division of Strategic Communications and External Relations reviews the specifications for products bearing Rensselaer names and marks and the design incorporating the names and marks prior to licensing.

Artwork — Camera-ready artwork of the Rensselaer names and marks is generally provided as part of the License Agreement.

Fees — A license fee and/or a percentage of the revenues earned from items sold may be charged by Rensselaer as a trademark licensing royalty fee. Net proceeds from the licensing program are designated for undergraduate student support, including financial aid and other purposes. Contact the Office of the General Counsel for royalty rate information.

Give-Away Items — Use of Rensselaer names or marks on items not sold to the public (such as giveaway items or for charity events) requires permission from Rensselaer and may be subject to a use fee. Contact the Office of the General Counsel for further information.

Items for Internal Use — Items acquired by an Institute department, school, center, or student or other group solely for internal Institute use generally do not require a license. Please check with the Office of the General Counsel to determine if a license is required for a specific project.

Written Permission Required — Except as otherwise described below, Rensselaer’s names and marks may be used solely with the written permission of persons obtaining specific authorization from the Office of the General Counsel of the Institute. Use of the Rensselaer name and marks in a manner that implies endorsement of programs, products, or services of any entity not directly associated with, or licensed in writing by the Institute is prohibited. At the discretion of the Office of the General Counsel, registered marks should be shown with the symbol ®, designating their status as federally registered trademarks, and unregistered service marks and trademarks should be shown with the designation “SM” when used in connection with services, or the designation “TM” when used in connection with the sale of goods. Where the use of such symbols is not so required, use of the Rensselaer name and marks shall, whenever feasible, be accompanied by a legend on any publication, and at the bottom of any webpage that bears any Rensselaer name or mark, substantially as follows: “[INSERT MARK(S)] are registered trademark(s) of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, used with permission.”