Content Standards for Official Rensselaer Web Sites

In the higher education marketplace, a professional Web presence is essential to mission, to strategy, to service, and to success. The Web has become a key resource for all universities. Prospective and current students use it as a primary means for acquiring information about, and services from, the institution. Alumni, the media, and prospective faculty and staff are also regular customers at university websites.

The development of common Web content standards has been developed to improve the quality of the Institute’s Web presence by establishing basic content standards for sites that represent the Institute to external audiences.

In general, the use of these policies and standards will serve to promote and maintain:

Institute Identity: Official proper use of logo, seal, colors, and other elements gives appropriate recognition of Institute and Institute-afflicted entities.

Consistency: This allows the web presence to work in concert with other sites, graphics, and printed materials to provide a professional, meaningful, and relevant experience to the targeted audiences.

Accuracy and Currency: Rensselaer seeks compliance with its Web standards across all websites officially associated with the Institute.