Creative Services

“It is of critical importance that we build the reputation and awareness of Rensselaer with our key audiences. Consistent and high impact messaging is essential as we engage alumni and alumnae, prospective students, parents, peer and aspirant institutions, the research community, potential donors, and the public at large.” —President Shirley Ann Jackson, Ph.D.

As stewards and storytellers of Rensselaer, all faculty and staff share responsibility to preserve our brand identity in all forms of communications, whether in print, online, in presentations, in apparel, or in conversations. Having a unified Institute image supports our efforts to continue to promote the reputation of Rensselaer as a top-tier, world-class technological research university.

There are many variables to consider when developing and implementing a communications initiative to target audiences that is both effective and efficient. The Division of Strategic Communications and External Relations can provide guidance on all digital and print communications, and is charged with ensuring that all schools and portfolios adhere to the standards that promote and protect Institute identity. This includes, but is not limited to, all Rensselaer-associated webpages, public and media relations activities, print and electronic materials, paid advertising, direct mail, invitations, and signature events that are officially associated with Rensselaer.

The Rensselaer Brand Style Guidelines detail our communications and marketing standards. The guidelines are intended to support our thematic and visual “DNA,” describing how we use everything from typefaces to give our brand a personality and unity to imagery to create powerful first impressions; editorial guidelines to create tone, impact, and voice consistency; and effective Web and e-communications that incorporate user-centric design, strong content, usability, accessibility, and a freshness that creates brand consistency, understanding, and engagement with multiple target audiences.