Current Standards

Fonts and Typography: The official fonts are Source Sans Pro, Georgia, and Font Awesome (used for icons).

Site Title H1
Source Sans Pro, 60px, weight 200, black or white

Page Title H1
Source Sans Pro, 40px, weight 300, #900 or black

Heading 2-4
Source Sans Pro, 26px, weight 600, uppercase, #900 or black
**These headings vary depending on layout and styling

Paragraph and Lists
Source Sans Pro, 16px, weight 300, black
Inline links
Hover state
Source Sans Pro, 16px, weight 300, #900, hover state: underline

  • List Link 1
  • List Link 1
  • List Link 1

Source Sans Pro, 16px, weight 300, #900, hover state: underline

Button link

Source Sans Pro, 24px, white text, hover state: none

Callout Copy 1
Georgia, italic, 30px, #999

Callout Copy 2
Source Sans Pro, 26px, weight 200, black, white, or red


Primary Colors:



Supporting Colors:



Institute Identity Layouts:

The Web Services team is rolling out a variety of templates for its web collateral with different looks created for different purposes. 

The homepage and main areas directly off the main navigation of the homepage must have the full top red bar, the bright red large header, and white/gray horizontal navigation. The footer is also standardized content using our full-color background. The styles for the content of these areas is customized for each areas purposes while also fitting into a growing family of UI elements that will eventually be defined in a Pattern Library. 

Schools, centers, and departments will be recieving a unit-focused layout. This includes the top red bar, a large header area for the title of the school or center, a white/gray horizontal navigation, and a standardized footer whose content is the same but employs a softer look. These tactics are put in place to allow the unit's content more prominence on the page.

Logo and Seal: 

The logo and seal are appropriately displayed and contained in the header and footer of the page and should not appear elsewhere unless within an image of other officially marked collateral. The size and position of these elements should not be augemented. 


Within each layout above are a variety of navigation solutions for specific organizational situations. 

Each page in a site must provide a link to the university home page ( Links to the home page must be easily identifiable and labeled as such.