Primary Use Colors

Primary Colors: The primary colors for the Rensselaer identity system are Primary Red, Light Gray, Dark Gray, Black, and White. Formulas for use and printing are provided below. These colors represent the core colors and should provide the foundation for the palette used. Their usage should be dominant to secondary colors.

Primary Red
C0 M97 Y100 K3
R214 G0 B28
PMS: 2035

Dark Gray
C48 M29 Y26 K76
R84 G88 B90
PMS: 425

Light Gray
C19 M12 Y13 K34
R158 G162 B162
PMS: 422

C0 M0 Y0 K100
R0 G0 B0

C0 M0 Y0 K0
R255 G255 B255


Secondary Use Colors

Secondary Colors: The secondary colors should be used as accent colors alongside the primary colors. This brings more color to our branded print, digital assets, and websites.

Dark Red, C0 M98 Y91 K30, R171 G35 B40, #ab2328, PMS: 7621

Dark Blue, C100 M85 Y5 K36, R0 G32 B91, #00205b, PMS: 281

Light Blue, C47 M4 Y16 K16, R127 G169 B174, #7fa9ae, PMS: 5493


Tint Colors

Dark Red

Tint: 75%, HEX: #c35442

Tint: 50%, HEX: #d58570

Tint: 25%, HEX: #eabcad


Dark Blue

Tint: 75%, HEX: #2b517f

Tint: 50%, HEX: #667ba2

Tint: 25%, HEX: #a5b0cb


Light Blue

Tint: 75%, HEX: #94c0c6

Tint: 50%, HEX: #b3d3d5

Tint: 25%, HEX: #d4e6e8



Tints: Tints add variety into our color palette. An effective way to use tints, for example, is as backgrounds for text, for icons on full opacity color, or as a color overlay on images. These are to be used secondary to the primary colors. Always use our primary colors and use the secondary and tints as accents to create depth and add color to your design. If you have any questions about when you should and shouldn’t use tints, contact SCER or email your design to for review and advice.